We Need Your Help

The pandemic will leave a trail of destruction for India’s underprivileged children in its wake and the crisis is far from being over. To ensure that this doesn’t become a child rights crisis in the long term, we’ve created a resilience & recovery plan for underprivileged children that focuses on their health, nutrition, education and safety.


Children are experiencing an unexpected gap in their schooling that has thrown their academic year out of focus. They will struggle with a massive learning deficit and thus, we’ll focus on:

  • Ensuring children don’t drop out and get stuck in the cycle of poverty
  • Addressing the significant psychological distress they may be dealing with
  • Looking into academic inclusion to combat religious or gender discrimination

We’ve already begun planning to address the long term repercussions on children in the aftermath of the Coronavirus outbreak, but we need YOUR help to put our plans into action.

Children are the unseen victims of this crisis and their struggles are the invisible costs this pandemic will claim. Let’s come together to fight against the lasting impact of the Coronavirus outbreak on India’s underprivileged children and help contribute to the larger solution that could give them a brighter future. Donate now!


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